Student Services

Special Education Program

The Village Charter School district offers comprehensive special education programs and services in cooperation with other Mercer County school districts. The below information outlines VCS’s Special Education Program for students in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Who is eligible for the program?

The special education program is available to any student at VCS in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade who have been classified as eligible for special education.

What is meant by the term “classified”?

New Jersey law requires that each school district identify all educationally disabled children between the ages three and 21, to determine the extent of the disability, and provide an appropriate educational program. There are several areas of educational disabilities which determine how that child should be educated.

Who determines whether a child should be classified?

VCS’s Child Study Team evaluates children who may have an educational disability with the help of parents and teachers.

Who are members of the Child Study Team?

According to state law, a Child Study Team must consist of a School Psychologist, a Learning Disabilities Consultant, and a School Social Worker (in some cases a Speech-Language specialist).

The School Psychologist determines a child’s intellectual and emotional functioning.

The Disabilities Consultant assesses a child’s academic level, learning strengths and needs, and helps develop instructional strategies.

The School Social Worker evaluates a child’s developmental history and home environment, and acts as a liaison among the school, the home and community.

Are team members the only specialist involved in evaluating a child?

No, other specialist such as physicians, psychiatrist, neurologist, reading specialist, OT’s, counselors and school nurses are called upon as needed.

When do parents become involved?

Keeping parents involved and informed is vital here at Village Charter School. Parents are contacted by the Coordinator of Special Education/School Social Worker to discuss the need for an evaluation when a student is considered for referral to the Child Study Team. Parents must give written consent before an evaluation can be conducted.

Do classified students follow the same curriculum as a regular classroom?

Each classified student at VCS follows an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), a written plan detailing the child’s special education program. The IEP is developed by members of the Child Study Team in coordination with the child’s teacher and parents. The IEP states the child’s educational goals and objectives for the coming school year.

Do classified students participate in regular school classes programs?

Whenever possible, special education students are “mainstreamed” or integrated with general education students for academic and nonacademic subjects. They also share common lunch periods and participate in grade level activities. Special education students who require a restrictive curriculum receive several hours a week in the schools Resource Room. For students who require a less restrictive curriculum, receive several hours a week with their special education teacher inside their classroom, which is better known as “push in” or “in class support”.​​​​​​​

What is Resource Program (Room) and In Class Support?

The Resource Program offers instruction in place of, or in support of the regular classroom to help each student learn in the best environment. The resource program teacher may instruct students directly in the resource room. The resource program stresses small group and individual instruction, and reinforces emotional and social skills.

With the push in or in class support approach, the general education teacher and the special education teacher work together in close collaboration inside the general education classroom. The focus is to ensure students are receiving full access to the general education curriculum while limiting any disruption to their daily schedule. This also includes the implementation of specially designed modifications within the classroom setting. VCS’s goal is always to provide the student with the least restricted environment and to integrate each student into regular education class whenever possible. 

How can I get more information?

For more information about the Special Education Program, please contact Mrs. Theresa Flim, Coordinator of Special Education/School Social Worker, at 609-695-0110 ext.5