Junior Achievement
    Every year about thirty volunteers from New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company, arrive at The Village Charter School ready to teach. Ambassadors from VCS classes, kindergarten through fifth grade, wait to escort our guests to their rooms.        

     Ourselves. Our families. Our community. Our city. Our region. Our nation. From kindergarten through fifth grade, each level studies one of these topics with volunteers from local businesses. VCS hums with lessons in economic responsibility, national and world resources, entrepreneurship... in kindergarten, children learn how to read maps and interpret symbols while the fourth and fifth grades discuss the wide scope of what it takes to bring a product to market. 

     The energy in the school is just incredible: Volunteers are always touched by the warm welcome our students and faculty give them, and leave smiling and exhausted. Our kids are thrilled by the experience! New Jersey Manufacturers’ has cooperated with Village Charter School in this endeavor for several years, and anyone wandering the corridors during this time has seen all our learners actively engaged in dynamic lessons led by passionate volunteers. 

     The fifth graders down the hall are able to gain practical information about today's global market and talking through the concepts behind entrepreneurship. In fourth grade, students learn about natural, capital, and human resources. While in third grade, students and volunteers discuss the kinds of skills working in a city like Trenton might require. Kindergartners learn how to interpret symbols like those used on maps, and our first and second graders are introduced to concepts of business, choices, jobs, interdependence and community. 

    Junior Achievement helps our students develop: critical and abstract thinking skills, decision-making and teamwork, research and applying information, verbal communication, and presentation skills. At the end of the day, representatives from our classes join the NJM volunteers to share with them some of the lessons they have learned. Hearing these concepts from the mouths of these talented children gives NJM's volunteers a great sense of pride and accomplishment. They really make a difference in just one day.