Lower School

The lower school, which includes kindergarten through grade five, provides a strong academic program in a nurturing environment. The small classes are capped at twenty students in grades kindergarten through sixth with teacher assistance in kindergarten through second. This ensures that students are receiving the appropriate instruction from his or her teacher(s). We not only know our students; we understand them.


The name "Village Charter School" is one of purpose. Our founders saw the school as an impetus for bringing students, families and the community together as a village of friends - learning, working, and experiencing all that life has to offer.  Most importantly, they saw the school as an investment in Trenton's future.


Each school year kicks off with our major stakeholders attending our Annual Founders Day picnic to celebrate the onset of a new academic school year.  Additionally, it is time for board members, staff, parents, and students to rededicate themselves to the school’s mission.


Our mission is driven by a daily morning meeting.  A gathering of the entire school community starts off the day for the lower school, while middle school students complete morning writing/discussion exercises.  Students spend the first part of the day reflecting on and reciting the morning affirmation in addition to the pledge of allegiance and the Black National Anthem. At the close of the 10 minute morning meeting all staff and students recite the creed “VCS where learners become leaders.”


At The Village Charter School staff support and encourage scholarship and leadership in a nurturing and supportive environment. Through academic scholarship and character building, all Endeavour to build great students.  


Our instructionally rich environment is apparent upon entry into our front foyer where student’s artistic work is on display.  Venture down any hallway in the building and the bulletin boards speak to the rigor and content being taught at each grade level. Each bulletin board is designed using a school approved rubric and are equipped with the essential questions, standard, and objective for which the artifacts address.


Activities and celebrations that support the culture of learning, high expectations and scholarship include the designation of a Student of the Month in each class and special subject area. Caught Reading and Principal’s Awards students are announced monthly at morning meeting. Honor Roll is announced quarterly.  At separate monthly assemblies, students are celebrated for attendance and leadership. An annual Honor Roll of Distinction Awards ceremony is held to celebrate students who have achieved honor roll all 4 marking periods.  Student success is celebrated on an ongoing basis and their hard work is also rewarded monthly on Incentive Day, a school wide half-day filled with enrichment, fun and activities.


Students are recognized for their hard work, good behavior, and character through various classroom token economy systems, a Class Dojo point system, daily recognition (Star Recognition Announcements), monthly pinning ceremonies (Eagle of the Month), for each marking period they make honor roll (Honor Roll of Distinction), Principal Awards (Breakfast with the Principal), Star Students, Perfect Attendance, monthly incentive activities, positive phone calls/notes to parents, etc.  Students are also rewarded with opportunities to demonstrate leadership and give back to others students throughout the school by reading in lower grade level classrooms.


The Village Charter School 4th and 5th grade students are also members of the National Elementary Honor Society. We believe through honor society, character development program, “Bucket Filling” and our anti-bullying initiatives our school is a safe haven and is conducive for optimal learning.  

Back to School Night and Quarterly Parent/Teachers Conferences are planned and held in an ongoing effort to formalize communication of academic and behavioral expectations, as well as course content. During these meetings parents are given syllabi, data on student progress, powerschool procedures, as well as, resources for home remediation.