Lottery Process
If there are more applicants than space available students shall be selected by lottery. Students who are selected by lottery shall be guaranteed placement in each progressive grade level for the duration of their attendance at the school. The lottery shall be held before April 1st of each year, with supplemental lotteries as necessary to fill the available space or to create a waiting list.

Trenton residents shall be given first priority for admission. If space is available following the admission of all eligible residents, nonresident applicants, selected by lottery may be admitted.

Family Application and Siblings
Parents/guardians intending to make application for more than one child shall complete applications for each child and enter into the grade level lotteries applicable for each applicant. If one child is selected in the lottery, the other children in the family shall be admitted to the grades with available space. If space is not available for one or more of the applicants of the family, they shall be given priority if space becomes available.

The Village Charter School shall give enrollment priority to a sibling of a current student enrolled in the school. Parents/guardians shall be required to submit all application materials by the school’s deadline. Siblings shall be accepted to the grade applied for when space is available in that grade. Siblings shall be given priority on the waiting list if all the spaces are full.
Waiting List

When all available spaces in the school are filled, two waiting lists will be kept:
A. A resident waiting list; and
B. A non-resident waiting list.

Each list shall be comprised of applicants selected by lottery and listed in the order in which the name was drawn. As space becomes available students will be contacted and offered admission in the order in which their names appears on the list. Residents of Trenton shall be offered admission first; Nonresidents shall be offered admission when there are no resident applicants for the space available.
All school waiting lists shall expire annually and all waiting applicants subject to the reapplication.

All students applying to the Village Charter School shall be registered in their home public school district. Students being home schooled, attending private school, transferring into the district or otherwise not registered, shall register in their public school prior to enrollment. All New Jersey public school districts shall admit and register to its schools free of charge the following persons over five and under 20 years of age:

A. Any student domiciled within the district;
B. Any student kept in the home of a person other than the student’s parent/guardian, where the person is domiciled in the school district and is supporting the student without remuneration as if the student were his/her own child