With the passage of the New Jersey Charter School Act of 1995, the Mercer Street Friends Board and community of supporters saw a real opportunity to fulfill a long-standing commitment to change the nature of public education in Trenton. By establishing a charter school of excellence, we would expand upon their long tradition of providing caring and supportive programs and services to the greater Trenton community. Most importantly, a new charter school would allow us to have a greater impact on Trenton's youngest and most vulnerable citizens - the city's children.

The name "Village Charter School" was one of purpose. We saw the school as an impetus for bringing students, families and the community together as a village of friends - learning, working and experiencing all that life has to offer. We saw the school as an investment in Trenton's future.

After years of planning, fundraising and construction, this vision became a reality when the Village Charter School opened its doors to 153 kindergarten to second grade students on September 9, 1999. The original school building was 30,000 square feet with 16 classrooms, a library/media center, and a 6,000 foot multipurpose room used as a gymnasium, cafeteria, and stage/performance area. The original facility was expanded to include a middle school wing in September, 2003.

The Village Charter School proudly graduated its first class of eighth graders in the spring of 2006. Presently, the school has two classes of each of the K-6 grade levels and three classes at grades 7 & 8. Each class has a maximum of 20 students.

Located on a 10 acre green campus on the western edge of the City of Trenton, The Village Charter School has a "footprint" that includes an area where playing fields can be located as well as six vintage houses that stand empty. Those involved with the school hope that in the not-too-distant future, these fields will be used for sporting and recreation events by both the children and the community at large and that the six vintage houses will be restored for community programs and services.